Thank you for visiting my website/blog. My passion is social work. I am a child welfare researcher and evaluator. I am committed to social justice and racial equity within child welfare and beyond. Currently, I lead an Institute at Florida State University that provides evidence-informed recommendations to child welfare policy makers in Florida. Essentially, we exist to improve the child welfare system in our state. It is my goal to become an effective leader. A leader who serves, influences and transforms.

Personally, I love any anti-stress/anti-anxiety activities (ginger ale, meditation, yoga, reading, Sudoku, music and sleep). My hobby is traveling and I have visited over 30 different countries. My goal is 40 countries by age 40! I am the opposite of a foodie and only eat to live. I am a pretty wild feminist and enjoy empowering women and encouraging their success. On this blog you will learn more about me, perhaps a bit about my travels, and definitely my perspective on issues relating to child welfare. But more importantly,  on this blog – we can learn, together, how to create a safer world for children and how to promote social justice for all.

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